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What is the ElderActive Recreation Association?

The ElderActive Recreation Association (ERA) is a non profit society established in 2000. ERA is grounded in an active living philosophy and it seeks to enhance the lives of all Yukoners 55 years of age and over, through events, programs and education that are intended to develop and maintain health and wellness in body, mind and spirit.

The Vision of ERA is that all Yukon seniors and elders should have opportunities to live actively in ways that are appropriate to each person's capabilities and that lead to an enhanced quality of life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

ERA strives to be a leader that is seen as providing a valued contribution to the Yukon community. ERA engenders sense of community spirit by bringing older adults, their families and the community at large together to live actively.

What does ERA do?

ERA provides relevant and responsive programs, services and partnerships and encourages seniors and elders to achieve physical, social and creative satisfaction through awareness and participation in friendly activities. These include:

  • League and Drop-in Play every Monday & Wednesday at the Canada Games Centre
  • Programs year-round (click on "Programs" tab to learn more)
  • Competitions twice a year
  • Travel to communities to offer programs
  • Organizes and promotes the annual Winter Competition
  • Acts as the governing body for Yukoners 55 years of age and older wishing to participate in the Canada 55 plus Games

What is ERA's purpose?

  • To enhance the quality of life of Yukon seniors and elders by supporting them in living healthy lives with independence and dignity.
  • To help develop active communities throughout the Yukon where seniors and elders can make positive lifestyle choices, exchange wisdom and connect with others in friendship, recreation and creativity.
  • To support seniors and elders in helping other seniors and elders to live full, active and healthy lives.


ERA currently gets support from Yukon Government Community Services, Sport & Recreation Branch, and Lotteries Yukon. Thank you for your continued support.


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