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11th Annual Winter Competitioncarpet bowling pete color



ERA’s 2019 Winter Competition sponsored by Dave’s Cleaning Service is now over for this year and a fun time had by all.

Here are the results of the some of the activities:


Carpet Bowl

8 teams of 7 games of Round Robin, 2 teams had identical 5-1-1 records and played a second sudden death final

  • First Prize: are Tom Parlee with Molly Roy, Jim Fordyce and Bill White
  • Second Prize: Tagish Trumpets with Claude Dastous, Leslie Rowland, Renee Smith and Paul Dabbs
  • Third Prize: are Loretta Warnsby, Heather McGeachy, Mona Fordyce, and Rudy Couture.

19012621b Tom Bill Mollie Jim 1st Place Carpet Bowel ERA Modified E7D 0321

Floor Shuffleboard

Second Prize was tied with 5 wins, total points determined placement

  • First Prize: with 8 wins by the Golden Sliders – Edna Knight and Edith Powers
  • Second Prize: with 993 points by the Pickle Converts - Chris McKay and Mike Spicer
  • Third Prize: with 783 points by the The Oldies – John (Red) Hull and Graham McCannell

19012622 Kathy Edna 1at place Floor Shuffle Board E7D 0322

Pickle Ball – Competitive Teams

  • First Prize: goes to Terry Markle and Dan Shorty
  • Second Prize: goes to Ian Love and Hector Campbell
  • Third Prize: Marilyn Mah and Jim Gilpin


Comp Cat 1st Place Dan Shorty Pickles Terry Markley E7D 0331

Pickle Ball – Recreational Teams

  • First Prize: goes to Marlene Korolak and Richard Aberson
  • Second Prize: goes to Nancy Kowalyshen and Judy Ratcliffe
  • Third Prize: goes to Lynn Duffee and Donna Stockstill


Rec Cat 1st Place Marlene Korolak Pickles Rick Aberson


19012614 ERA Lunch time Tournament Jan. 25 26 2019 E7D 0314

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